Taking Flight to Lifelong Learning

It is not the end but a new start. Mam Zara and Mam Aliya let us to fly from our incubator of Amal family journey toward a new stop searching for numerous new diverse things in life. All fellows talked and we connected with each other by talking and doing some activities. It is important to connect and do things just for your emotional uplift seldom.

Sometimes it seems like you are exhausted of your daily routine and you want to move away from all your obligations and just to remain back and relax. Particularly in a calmer place, feeling the attraction of nature, counting your breaths and listening to the whispering of the sound of grass as all these input inner peace. Sometimes it’s very necessary to take a break and connect with nature or your loved ones for your emotional wellbeing.

The last session was a bit interesting, emotional with a lot of positive energy of fellows and facilitators how encouraged us to go the extra mile. From knowing yourselves to presenting mega project to facilitators all experience is very wonderful. maybe I cant be able to write the feelings into words.

In our last Amal fellowship session, I felt the same thing, we all were sharing our life stories and struggles with each other. This discussion helps us to know each other very well. We were not judging each other but thanked each other’s efforts to face the difficulties of life and became a better human being.

The KEY to success is Keep Educating Yourself.

I know the life after will get tougher and tougher at every stage and it is persistence which will keep us on the right path. In these 3 months, I have learned more about myself and come to know where the deficiency lies in me which will affect me in the coming future.

I will use the Pomodoro technique to do my task.

I will appreciate with gratitude others time and efforts and make them feel valued so they will become kinder and more productive.

I will support and motivate my team members in sense of improvement and to be more productive and an efficient team player.

I will live a life of purpose.

I will guide people around me to skills I learned at Amal.

I will do research before applying for any job for my cover letter and resume.

I will work on my tendencies and try to overcome them.

I will become a lifelong learner.

I will take action and work on creativity with design problem-solving skills.

I will promote ice break activities.

I will use the elevator pitch for introducing myself.

I will use the Amal Principle of Progress throughout my life

I will respect others opinion too.

I will connect with my mega project group and work on the future sustainability of Masha’al: Alight of guidance(a project of career counselling for students of my country)

So now we have a good bond in us and have a good understanding of many of our fellows. Unluckily, we are from different cities which makes it almost difficult for us to meet physically but we can have an online meeting on Zoom once a month for an hour and moreover, we can choose any type of discussion which we will be doing during the meeting or we can play a game, watch a movie, which we will decide before the meeting, so that will make it more interesting.

let’s see what happens next in the new journey. 🙋‍♂️😊



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